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“Some things we do with our family, and some things we do for them. Preplanning your final arrangements is something you do for them.”

Our professional services provide informative options that will help you to make important personal decisions when choosing end of life arrangements. Prearranging your funeral, cremation or final expense needs is one of the most compassionate, valuable, and responsible things you can do for your family during their most difficult time of loss. It provides an opportunity to make final decisions without the emotional spending.

We will create a payment plan around your age, and budget which gives you peace of mind without the financial stress. You can decide both financially and responsibly how your final arrangements will be taken care of so that your family will not be left with this burden.
“As a funeral director for nearly 40 years, I have served over 6,000 families. When serving a family during funeral or cremation arrangements, I have never once had the children be disappointed when their parents have prearranged the services. It is always a very emotional expression of gratitude for their parents’ foresight and love.”


Are you a Funeral Home Owner or Agent? We provide quality service and training for you which will help you to better serve your families.


“Taking responsibility for ourselves by pre-planning leaves a legacy of compassionate love in one final act for your family”

Legacy Tree Funeral Planning is an all inclusive service Agency.

We provide affordable options for funeral, cremation, and final expense arrangements, that can be secured on any budget. Regardless of age, or any health situation.

Passion | Experience | Diligence | Service

Our focus is to build relationships with those we serve while bringing unmatched quality of service to families, funeral homes & agents.
We offer a free complementary planning guide! Contact us today to get yours in the mail.
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