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Sam Cottrell


As a licensed life insurance and preneed agent, Sam brings a diverse background to Legacy Tree Funeral Planning with his experience in coordinating and collaboration as a previous small business owner, along with having a bachelor's degree in Science from Utah Valley University. From serving a church mission for two years in the rough inter-cities surrounding Los Angeles CA, Spanish speaking, to working as the General Manager of a remote mountain resort in Utah and Wyoming for several years, he has worked on a wide variety of tasks that are centered on supporting the needs of others. Sam has enjoyed his roles through leadership and customer service and strives to continue to always give outstanding client support. Sam understands the importance and benefits of what planning ahead can do for you and your loved ones as he has witnessed the unpredictability of life’s circumstances and the peace of mind you will have when you are prepared.

In his free time, Sam enjoys whitewater river rafting, fishing, backpacking, mountain biking, dirt biking, and hiking with his sweet wife, Mariah, and their dog, Penny. He is an avid outdoorsman and has spent 5 years as a Whitewater Snake River Guide in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

"I have learned the importance of being prepared and the peace of mind and comfort it brings in all aspects of my life. I am committed to offering the high standards Legacy Tree Funeral Planning offers throughout my own work in meeting your funeral, cremation, and final expense needs.

Mission and Focus

Passion | Experience | Diligence | Service

Our focus is to build relationships with those we serve while bringing unmatched quality of service to families, funeral homes & agents.

We are committed to provide personal service by putting individuals and families first, bringing peace of mind at their time of need.

Licensed throughout the country, Legacy Tree Funeral Planning provides support and training to funeral homes as well as individuals & families.

Patricia & Layton Cottrell - Co-Founders

Patricia was raised in the Funeral Industry where her parents owned several funeral homes and is accustomed to the importance of funeral planning. She is a licensed Life and Funeral Preneed Insurance Agent.

While attending Weber State University, she met her husband, Layton Cottrell. As a wife, mother and grandmother, her focus has always been family first throughout her life. Volunteering in her community and church has given her experience with all walks of life that directly effects individuals and the family. She is a children's book author, which has been distributed across the nation. She is dedicated to providing quality service that will ensure peace of mind to individuals and families who want to plan ahead.

Layton is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather while still volunteering in his community, service clubs, and church.

Driven by his experience, he has developed the full service agency, Legacy Tree Funeral Planning. His unique background as a Funeral Director/Mortician, Funeral Home Owner/Partner, and a licensed pre-planning agent is crucial to understanding the needs of individuals, families and funeral homes.

WSU, BYU, Cypress College of Mortuary Science. WY State Board of Embalming, Funeral Home Co-Owner, Managing Director Lindquist Davis county Mortuaries, Seven time Great Western Insurance Agent Counselor of the year.

Kendra Ware

Regional Manager

Kendra was raised in Worland Wyoming for most of her life until she moved to Salt Lake City where she met her husband of 10 years.

She grew up assisting her parents run their family owned funeral home and was taught from an early age the importance of compassion and helping others. Her father was taken too early from this life due to colon cancer.  In his passing, Kendra has decided to join with Legacy Tree Funeral Planning to help assist her mother with running their funeral home.

She has 3 young children, one of which was born with a congenital heart defect and has undergone several open heart surgeries.  She understands the heartache that comes with losing a loved one and will be able to help you make the decisions needed to help relieve that stress from your loved ones.

In her spare time she loves to volunteer with several charities that help children with life threatening illnesses and makes t-shirts to donate to local children's hospitals.

Kendra has now moved back to Worland to assist her mother at the funeral home and to help families in the area who are wanting to prearrange their services. 

Laci Stotts

Agent/Facebook Advertising Specialist

Laci was born and raised in Utah. She is a daughter, granddaughter and niece to Funeral Directors and as such, has seen her family leave a legacy of helping families in their community cope during the loss of a loved one.

It has been engrained in her to passionately serve her fellow man.

She enjoys the relationships made in her work and considers it a privilege to serve others who want the peace of mind that preplanning brings to families.

Adding to her college degree and licenses, she is a licensed life insurance agent in both Utah and Missouri.

Along with her work, she is active serving people throughout her neighborhood, city, church and most importantly her family of six.

Sara Southwick

Agent/Agent Support Specialist

Sara is a licensed final expense agent who works with Legacy Tree Funeral Planning and specializes in helping people plan for the future.

Sara believes planning ahead is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to your children.

Sara has been working with families in their homes, over the phone and through technology for the last 7 years in English and Spanish. She landed her career as an Enrollment Specialist and Family Service Worker just days after graduation. She is thrilled to continue serving families and build meaningful relationships with Legacy Tree Funeral Planning.

Sara has obtained hundreds of hours and over 25 training certificates specifically geared in helping families better their lives. She is a passionate teacher and knows the value in being a good listener.

Sara is fluent in Spanish and holds a Baccalaureate degree in Health Administration, Health promotion and Child and Family Studies from Weber State University.

Steve Taylor


Steve is a native to Summit County, Utah.

He has enjoyed the opportunities of the close communities where he has lived and worked.

Steve enjoys meeting and talking to people of all walks of life.

He worked as a telecommunications company employee for over 32 years and is currently on staff for a local government engineering department.

Steve enjoys the country life and the freedom of the great outdoors.

He has an eye for art and the beauty of nature.

He loves his family and holds them all as the priority in life. 

Working part time in the funeral industry, Steve understands the importance of planning ahead, and getting your affairs in order.

John Thompson


A Mississippi native, John moved to Wyoming in August 2016.

As a licensed Funeral Director for 28 years, he has been serving families during their time of need when experiencing the loss of their loved ones occur and knows the value of planning ahead.

John transferred his insurance licenses to Wyoming when he moved from Mississippi and continues to serve and help anyone who wants to preplan their funeral or cremation.

When asked over the years what he feels is the most beneficial aspect of preplanning ahead, his reply is from his long term experience throughout his career.

"I would say the best benefit of preplanning before a death is that you are thinking more clear. Your mind is not grieving for a loved one. Your family will know your wishes and will be grateful to you for not leaving the burden for them at your passing both financially and through your choices."

Darrell Baker


Darrell is a native of Colorado, and along with his Bride Peggy, has lived in Grand Junction, Colorado over 40 years. They have been married over 50 years.

He loves the Lord and his family of three adult children and eight grand kids. His specialty is building positive intentional relationships with the individuals and families that he serves. His experience in the life insurance business has served him well helping innumerable families with their financial planning. He has been a life insurance agent and broker nearly 50 years.

There are various and sundry matters to deal with when it comes to pre planning needs and desires with every family. Darrell's gentle and caring spirit is immediately noticeable, and his desire is to help each family as much as he possibly can.

Jordan Ball


A native of Wyoming, Jordan has a love of the outdoors as well as serving his community. He is the son of a funeral home owner/director and was raised with a desire to serve others in the funeral home throughout his life. His natural interest in the funeral industry and community service has been the driving force for his education. After serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Northern California, he worked for funeral homes in Utah for several years, furthering his interest in funeral service. While there he met and married his sweetheart in 2014 and has returned to his western roots of Wyoming and Colorado. Currently, Jordan operates a family owned funeral home in Grand County Colorado while pursuing his education for a career as a licensed Funeral Director/Manager. Through his ample experience, Jordan is well on his way to reach his goals of fully taking ownership of the family business one day.

Jordan is a licensed funeral insurance agent in preplanning services and enjoys helping those who wish to plan ahead with Legacy Tree Funeral Planning by sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Free time will find Jordan fly fishing, camping or just being outside. He is a basketball and football fan and loves to cheer on the underdog.

Morgan Bryant


Morgan Bryant was raised in Memphis, TN but is a new resident of Dallas, TX. Morgan married into the Funeral Industry and quickly became passionate about helping others plan for the future. Morgan is a Disney World fanatic and loves all things theme parks! Her son- Cooper, dog- Stella, and husband- Caleb mean the world to her. Morgan is a die-hard Alabama fan - Roll Tide!" 

Kerrie Kimmel

Agent/Funeral Planner

Kerrie Harnish Kimmel is a Sheridan native, born and raised.

Kerrie started her career in the funeral business in 2009 after her children were raised. She immediately discovered her passion and calling for helping families through some of the hardest times when facing the loss of a loved one.

Kerrie is an accomplished Funeral Planner. She is skilled in helping families make pre-arrangements and set up prepayment plans. Many families like to prearrange services and Kerrie is not only an expert at taking them through the process of pre-arrangements but also at responding to families requiring “at need” assistance providing guidance and support through every step. She truly understands how to help families with everything from the required documentation but also how best to create a personal and respectful tribute celebrating the life of your loved one.

Kerrie has also proudly served the people of Sheridan County Wyoming for 2 terms as a Deputy Coroner.

Given her long standing roots in the Sheridan County community, Kerrie brings a special connection and understanding to bereaved families and established relationships with, amongst others, the City of Sheridan, Sheridan Cemetery, the Hub-Senior Center, Nursing Homes, Sheridan Memorial Hospital, and Sheridan Veterans Administration.

When not at work Kerrie’s greatest love is her family of three children and five grandchildren. Nothing brings her greater joy than time spent with them, her brothers and sister, and an extensive group of friends in the Big Horn mountains making memories fishing, hunting and camping.

The compassion and commitment that Kerrie brings are exceptional and she is a highly valued member of our funeral home family.

Kerrie’s compassion has already met the needs of many grieving families.   She will meet you with kindness, calmness and expertise in your time of need.  

Jill Wright

Jill Wright, from Buffalo, Wyoming, is employed by Harness Funeral Home, as a licensed funeral practitioner, a deputy coroner for Johnson County and a full time EMT.  When not busy at work, Jill enjoys being with her husband, Jake and their four kids.  As a family they enjoy skiing, spending time in the Big Horn Mountains and just being busy. 

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