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On January 29th, 2018

It’s a True Story

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In 1992 we became acquainted with an associate who soon endeared us with his kind soul. His compassion knows no bounds and he is no respecter of men. He is a rare breed who has no guile, meaning he loves everyone and knows how to show his love and concern no matter the circumstances. He is a funeral director by profession and a dear friend to anyone who knows him. He is a gem.

One day shortly after meeting this man, my husband came home and recounted a wild story from his day at the funeral home (which was not unusual).  He ended his story with the phrase, “It’s a true story!” We all got a kick out of that! “It’s a true story,” was how our dear friend ended every conversation he had ever had with us or anyone else, no matter the topic. That day my husband introduced the phrase into our family. We love it. We use it with affection.

“Did you know that it’s going to be a sunny day? It’s a true story.”

“I need to clean out my closet next week. It’s a true story.”

“The dog is eating the neighbors welcome mat. It’s a true story.”

Doesn’t matter the story. Doesn’t matter the topic. It’s a true story.

Everything you will read on this blog is based on a true story. The names are changed. The places are changed. No family confidences will be compromised, but each story is based on a true story.

Some will be unbelievable.

Some will be funny.

Some will be sad.

Some will be spiritual.

But rest assured:

“It’s a true Story.”

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